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The Generator Hub

About Us

Since 2012 The Generator has been working to foster a community of professionals in the Exeter area that want to do more than just work. Our vision was to create an eclectic mix of individuals and organisations from all industries from social enterprise to startups and tech to travel to work together to learn, support and inspire each other to do better and be more. Over the years we have seen our community grow outside of our own physical locations and into other areas of the city through collaborations and partnerships, and now we feel it's time to spread our roots further to 'generate' more for the business community in Exeter.

Why You Should Join Us

Yes, you can connect on Linkedin and find live events on meetup groups or eventbrite, but this is personal to us as a community. You'll be able to find out who your neighbour is at your local cowork space or find collaboration opportunities or find a skilled professional for an urgent job. You'll be able to further develop existing relationships or begin new partnerships as you reach out to other members sharing an interest or passion. Question is, why shouldn't you join?

What Is The Hub?

The Generator Hub is an online platform that will provide a cohesive central resource to collaborate, share information and connect with the expanding Generator community. You can find new partners, post events and job opportunities or just find out when and where the next drinks rendezvous will be! We'll be continually developing the platform with specific groups to further foster collaboration in certain key sectors.

Can I Join If I'm Not A Member?

Of course. We want to platform to be inclusive to the Exeter community. You won't be able to access the specific location groups for the Town House or Quay House spaces, but you'll still get access to areas such as events, job postings, community profiles and more. The platform would be great for those looking at finding out more about what's going on across the city in a range of industries.

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